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by Richard Wise


Synergy Martial Arts and Fitness is a Karate school and Martial Arts training center in Denver, Colorado. We offer a friendly place to learn and grow. We provide practical training, expert instruction and personal attention. We are a full time school and as such, strive to meet any schedule (weekdays 6am - 9pm and Saturday 9am - 4pm) In addition, we provide instruction for all ages (adults, children and families).

Martial Arts (made famous by the UFC) blends kickboxing, takedowns and grappling. We’ve been involved in the sport since 1995 and specialize in teaching people the ‘how to’ of MMA; giving you the best of Muay Thai Kickboxing, Wrestling, Judo, Shootfighting and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. We can help you if you are looking to be well-rounded in your training, want to get in great shape, and/or you have a passion for the sport. Our students come from all walks of life, many of whom train just for fun. But for those who wish to compete, the school has produced many excellent fighters, including amateurs with great records, multiple title holders and professional fighters.

Karate Lessons for Kids

July 20, 2013 by Richard Wise

Synergy Martial Arts and Fitness is a Denver Karate School teaching Karate and a variety of Mixed Martial Arts self defense disciplines for all ages including kids.

Advantage MA, now Synergy Gym - Martial Arts
3049 West 74th Avenue – A
Westminster, Colorado 80030
(on the North West corner of 74th and Federal, just south of highway I-36) Phone: 303-650-5566

Children's Karate ClassesSAFETY ESSENTIALS

Arm them with information. Every child needs to know their full name, home address and parent’s phone number. Its also important they understand to push “911″ on any phone to get help.

Use the buddy system, avoid having them walk anywhere alone. If they ever are alone and a stranger tries to lure or physically pull them away, have the child prepared with these three vital steps:
1) stop what you are doing
2) run away
3) tell an adult
Empower them with self defense training. If a real situation occurs (danger from either an adult or other kids) the child needs to be ready and know what to do. In addition, martial art training builds self confidence which helps to stop bullying and enable them to deal correctly with negative peer pressure.

Children's Self Defense Classes

June 24, 2013 by Richard Wise

Many people would agree that enrolling a child in a martial arts class is a good way to prevent being victimized by bullying. Karate and Mixed Martial Arts classes teach

Confidence: Bullies like to feel large and in-charge. They earn status by making others fear them. They also like all the attention. Martial arts training will provide bullies with a bolstered sense of confidence. In time, they will no longer need to bully others for approval or attention.

Discipline: Many bullies have grown up in a home that lacked discipline. Martial arts training is all about discipline and gives students clear-cut instructions that are easy to internalize. The training teaches bullies which behaviors are acceptable and which aren’t.

Respect: Bullies try to dominate others and enforce some kind of control. Martial arts training teaches us that control is an illusion. When a child learns to respect others, he or she is less prone to mistreat others.

Self-Control: Training in martial arts can help bullies learn to control their impulses. Hot-headed, dominating behavior is not tolerated in the fighting disciplines, and training will help kids cut short the negative impulses that lead to the bullying lifestyle.

Leadership: It is well known that bullies lack empathy and often exhibit symptoms of anti-social personalities. A good leader learns to be empathetic with followers and takes into account their rights and feelings. A bad leader on the other hand is likely to be a bully. Martial arts training teaches you to become a good leader.

Stress-Relief: Bullies can have problems regulating their own emotions. A small provocation blows up into an ugly, violent incident through the failure to control frustration and anger. A good workout at a martial arts class is great way to blow off steam. By preventing the buildup of emotional stresses, martial arts training can help bullies from venting their frustrations upon others.

Self-Defense: Disciplines like karate and kung fu teach students to transmute their offensive tendencies into a posture of self-defense. They will learn to avoid fights rather than starting them. Martial arts classes never cease emphasizing the self-defensive nature of the discipline.

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